The Perfect Flower Arrangement

I love a good floral arrangement. It can add a simple touch to a dinner table, bedroom, or bathroom. You can use real or fake flowers and it can change the entire tone of the room in which you are in. You don't always have to use a traditional glass vase when building your flower arrangement. You can try things like vintage coca cola bottles, baskets, mason jars, or even tin pails. All of these things have lots of personality in which you can use to be creative when decorating. 

Don't be afraid of color! Grab some luscious pinks and yellows. Reds and teals those strong contrast make good character in your arrangements. Always group like flowers together. Grab a bunch of flowers like roses and drop them in your vase or whatever you are using for a vase. Once you drop them in, they will naturally spread apart. Take a step back and look at how much space there is between those flowers. Fill in that space with other bold and gorgeous flowers like peonies or tulips. Different colors tend to add texture to the flower arrangement. 


As you know practice makes perfect so get a little creative and just try a few things!



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