DIY Table Runners

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The holiday season is officially here and that is grounds for sheer excitement. Everyone will be carving turkeys, eating pumpkin pie, and getting a slither of cranberry sauce. There is lots of focus on food but if we are hosting the holiday dinner, then we can create décor that is easy on the eyes and our pockets. Today we are going to focus on table runners. Table runners are those gorgeous little signature pieces that run right down the middle of the table. They add character to any room that a table is sitting in. The good news is, we can make them ourselves.

Chalkboard Paper

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This is unique and will go over quite well if children are at the dinner table. Chalkboard paint is definitely in style in every modern day household but you can add it to the table as well. You want to ensure that your chalkboard paper is long enough to cover the ends of the table. If you like, you can write the name of where each guest is going to sit at the table. Or, you can even write down the menu highlights. It is fun, creative, and economical.

Grass or Moss

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A grass or moss table runner is a wonderful idea especially if you plan to seat your guests outside on your nice patio. It’s a way to make nature an intricate part of the lovely meal. You want to measure the dimensions of your table and then head on over to your local Home Depot or Garden Nursery to get the right amount of moss cut. Feel free to add flowers or r tin pails to set on top of the grass to give it even more character.

Newspaper or Book Pages

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Reading is still in style and by reading we mean décorating. Head on over to Goodwill, stop at a garage sale, or a vintage store and purchase a few of those classic books they are getting rid of. You can cut the pages of the books and tape or glue them together to make a classic table runner.


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Burlap is always a good idea. Not only is it sturdy enough to use over and over again but it is neutral in color. Due to this neutrality you can add any color vases or flowers you like and you won't have to worry about it clashing.

Family Photos

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What better way to have a family dinner than with family pictures? Print out fun family pictures that you have created together over the years and glue them together to create an engaging and intimate table runner that everyone will admire. Make sure your guests are somewhere in the photos. You can always take a few pictures from their Instagram or Facebook page if they have one.

Flower Garland

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You can make a table runner out of any of your favorite flowers. These flowers can be fresh or faux (some have allergies.) So whether you are a tulip person, a sunflower person, or an old fashioned pine tree girl, it doesn't matter. Just stock up on those flowers and lay them gorgeously down the middle of the table.

Make your table the talk of the town by using any of these unique and gorgeous do it yourself table runners.

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