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Oh the wonderful world of clutter right? It is truly a hassle when there is way too much stuff in our homes. Clutter can be overwhelming for all of us if we do not get a handle on it. Clutter can exists for numerous reasons: emotional attachment, lack of organizational skill, and more. Most times we have absolutely no clue where to begin. Searching for the receipt, the keys, or your favorite lipstick, and can be very time consuming. We want you to be efficient in every area of your life this includes your home. There are many things that we collect over the years that we don’t use anymore or need. Learn simple and effective ways to clear out the clutter today!

Decide: Being able to make a decision is very important. You have to decide that today is the day that the clutter is leaving. Make up in your mind that you are done with clutter and that you are going to do something about it.

Start Small: If the entire house is full of clutter, this could be stressful to think about. Start small by focusing on one area of the house. You might want to start in the kitchen clearing out one cabinet at a time. Tell yourself, “today I am going to start with this cabinet and clean it out.” You can begin this clearing out process little by little until the entire house is complete. Keep it slow but steady.

Four Box Method: Many organization professionals go by the four box method. You take four boxes and write on each box the following words. Trash, storage, keep, and give-away. Go through your closets and identify each item or garment by deciding if this item is trash, needs to be stored, kept where it is, or given away. Once the four boxes are filled then organize them accordingly,

Do I use this?: This is a good question to ask yourself. When we have clutter everywhere there is a good chance that we don’t even use a lot of the items that are piled up. If you haven’t used or worn the item within the last year then that is a good indication that it is time to get rid of it.

Build Good Habits: Once you clear out the clutter it is important to stay clutter free. Start putting things away after you are done using them. If its not being used then it should be in its proper place. Be proactive about keeping things in order.

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you are living amongst clutter, it’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just begin using these tips to confront the clutter and put it in its place!

Written By: V. Taybron, Queen of all Things Domestic, Creator of SaVorV

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