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There’s nothing like a stain right? Hard to get rid of stains and odors in our clothes can be a huge pain. We throw it in the laundry and it comes out the same way it went in. Isn’t laundry so much fun? Well, not exactly. Especially if we ruined our favorite shirt with ketchup, coffee, or a grass stain. Getting stains out of our clothing can be stubborn but it doesn’t have to be with these age old tips and tricks. Next time you get a stain on your shirt, don’t throw it away. Try these miraculous laundry methods.


#1. Got oil on your shirt?
Oil can be one of the most difficult substances to remove. Don’t fret, just grab some shampoo and rub a line of shampoo across the oil stain before washing. This should rid you of the oil. If you are wondering why shampoo will work, think to yourself … doesn’t shampoo remove the oil from my hair when I wash it? The same goes for your shirt.

#2. Don’t want to fade your black shirt?
Something that is equally challenging is fading your black clothing when washing. To counter this, turn the garment inside-out and wash it on the cold wash setting. This should help keep your black clothing looking good as new.

#3. Mustard or ketchup on your favorite blouse?
The hamburger was tasty and everyone knows it because it’s on your shirt. Let’s make sure that your secret doesn’t get out a second time by being careful. However, if you do accidentally announce that you had lunch five minutes ago due to it spilling on your shirt. Simply, go to the store and purchase some foam shaving cream. Place this on the stain and let it sit overnight before throwing it in the wash.

#4. Went to the gym and worked up a smell?
We definitely want to stay healthy by working out in the gym but sweat smells. It happens. You go to the gym and now your workout clothes are odorous. To remedy this, add 1/3 cup of baking soda to the wash cycle to knock out those smells.

#5. Blood on your clothes?
It happens: the kid falls down, you scratch a mosquito bite, or ladies your monthly visitor comes early. Dampen the garment with hydrogen peroxide and let it sit for five minutes. It should foam up. If the stain is still too dark, add a little more peroxide. For intimates like panties and men’s underwear, it is best to hand wash but if this isn’t your thing, just throw it on the cold wash cycle.

Written By: V. Taybron, Queen of all Things Domestic, Founder of SaVor V

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