5 Ways to Feel Grateful Instantly

Let's be real: even when we are in the prime of our lives, having the times of our lives, we are still living life and sometimes life can get discouraging, challenging, or just simply over whelming. Whether you're a business owner, student, parent, employee, or just someone trying to figure out your next steps in life, I'm sure there are plenty of things we could find ourselves complaining about, which in turn can cause stress. But how often do you turn the tables and appreciate the great things life has to offer and in turn create gratefulness? Here are 5 ways to enjoy the "now" and feel instantly grateful.  


1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others: The way that we consume social media, this had to be first on the list. It's very easy to take peeks into other people's lives via social media and compare it to your own progress. Don't. Your life is your life and their life is their life. Comparing your journey to someone else's robs you of the ability to recognize your own purpose and uniqueness, Plus, if you didn't already know, a lot of social media is "smoke & mirrors" and many are taking courses from Joanne the Scammer. Half of what you're comparing yourself to doesn't even exist.
2. Saying "Thank You": Being grateful will make you feel grateful, of course. People love to know that you appreciate them. It makes them feel good and in return it will make you feel good. Being thankful for the important people in your life also reminds you that you have good people around you that you should feel grateful to have.
3. Control Your Negative Thoughts: Sometimes we find ourselves thinking less than positive and when you find yourself doing so, stop. Replace negative thoughts with positive solutions. The truth is we will always be faced with challenges and they way we handle them is what will determine our outcome. Sometimes you might have to Google some positive quotes to get your head right or find a motivating podcast to listen to.
4. Keep A Journal: When you physically write down what you're thankful for and can also go back and look on the times when things weren't as good, it will help you realize how to be grateful in that moment. We can jog our memory on when was the last time we felt a certain feeling, but it would make more of an impact if we can go back and read about it. That alone can be a way to feel instantly grateful for what you have over come and for what you've achieved.
5. Be In The Present Moment: This one sounds a lot easier said than done, As people we can get caught up in the past and get too anxious for the future causing us to loose sight of things in the now. Realize where you are right now and appreciate it, really appreciate, remember the things you had to endure to get where you are, but do not dwell. Stay reminded about where you want to end up, but do not obsess over it. Let it flow.

Dev Gillespie is a writer, editor, journalist, and creator based in Atlanta, Georgia after relocating from Michigan. Dev Gillespie created a way to use her love of written story telling to assist brands, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and artists in telling their story the way they want it to be heard. Her writing portfolio, www.devgillespie.com, features articles, interviews, and testimonials of her previous work with influential brands and individuals. Along with entertainment and magazine writing, Dev Gillespie also provides services writing business proposals, company and small business bios, as well as editing short stories and novels through her company, Elite Eye Publishing. To connect with Dev Gillespie follow her IG @DG_thewriter 

--Dev Gillespie


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