4 Steps to Moisturized Skin

Look at your legs, did you miss a spot with the lotion this morning? I know the feeling being a busy woman I can’t get everything right, but I decided to least I can make an effort and figure out how to moisturize my skin properly. I feel like I am getting a little too old to have ashy legs and all.

We always hear that Our Skin is the largest organ on our body, but is there really an affordable and less time consuming way to care for our skin? I know It’s easy to just go with the flow when it comes to nourishing it the way we should. Every season may require you to alter your skin care routine and winter is no exception. The cold weather and wind are very drying, causing cracking in delicate areas of our bodies such as your lips, hands and feet. Sometimes we don’t provide moisture the way we should in the winter months. This time of year, requires that we up the moisture and possibly alter the products we use. Now. I know there are a few types of people out there that either moisturize the important spots (we aren’t judging), or will not lotion their bodies at all, and some may spend a ton of money on products that may or may not work. I wanted to provide you with a simple affordable routine that has been having my skin healthy and nourished during these winter months. 

1. WATER! I know, I know that is the last that non- water drinkers want to hear. But summer is not the only time you need to hydrate from within. giving your skin the hydration it needs will help with the cold skin drying tempers that some of use face in the colder states.
2. I bathe with castile soap year around and this is one of my stables that I don’t have to change. Castile soap is a vegetable oil based soap that includes essentials oils. Most of them are GMO free and organic. It lathers very well and in my experience, you don’t need a lot. You can purchase in liquid or bar form. Which brings me to next item.

Moisturized Skin

3. I love black soap and have used it for years. If your black soap isn’t black and grainy looking, then it’s not black soap. You can use it on your entire body, but I use it to cleanse my face. For me it works well with blemishes and discoloration on your skin.

4. Lastly as soon as you get out of the shower lightly dry your body and add your moisturizer because your pours are still open. My favorite moisturizer combination is Shea butter and vitamin E oil that I use for my face and body during the winter months. It is said to help with anti-aging for your skin. Then allow your moisturizer to dry in your skin before going straight to bed. These steps and affordable products help lock in the moisture and prepare you for the next day just in case you are too busy to lotion your entire body the next morning. Also, all products can be found online. Again no one is judging, we have all been there, trust me.



Ebony Hinton is a self-proclaimed women empowerment writer for herlifeonpurpose.com, she is a loving mother and a spicy wife. All her roles in life make her who she and she walks in them proudly. Ebony has written for companies that pride her for warmth in her writing. Her main goal is to help women to know that it’s ok to be confident and take care of you. Follow Ebony on social media, Instagram: @herlifeonpurpose and Twitter:@hlifeonpurpose.


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