3 Tips To Speed Clean Your Home

Spring is just over the horizon which means many of us are getting into cleaning mode. For all the great memories of waking up on Saturday mornings to Gospel music blasting at home or Oldies bumping at an aunt’s house, which signaled the official start of “cleaning day”, I. can. not. stand. cleaning...but I love a clean house...go figure. Since cleaning is a necessary evil (in my book), I want to be done with it as soon as humanly possible which also allows me to sit down, relax and breathe in the fresh citrus scented air of my newly cleaned abode in record time. Because I love y’all, I’m going to share with you 3 tips to speed clean your home. Ready, Set, Go!

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  1. Get organized. Cleaning supplies ✓ Cleaning tools ✓ Clothes that are “cleaning friendly” ✓ Cleaning Playlist ✓✓ The number one time killer when you’re cleaning is being unorganized! I highly recommend having a basket of the cleaning supplies you use the most always ready to pick up and go when it’s time to clean. This way you won’t have to go back and forth because you’ve forgotten to bring a certain cleaning necessity to the room you’re cleaning. Want to shave off a little more time? Have a cleaning basket in each room filled with cleaning supplies for that particular room. I bet you’re looking at the checklist and wondering why clothes that are “cleaning friendly” and cleaning playlist are on this list. Here’s the low--you want clothing that will allow free movement (you’ll be able to move around faster). They should also be clothing that you won’t mind getting dirty or bleached (yikes!). My recommendation? Sweatpants or leggings and an old tee. I actually have a cleaning uniform...I wear the same sweats and tee whenever I clean (side note: this actually tells my brain it’s cleaning time). As far as the cleaning playlist, music makes you move. For your cleaning playlist you want upbeat music because--you guessed it-- you’ll move faster. See the theme I’m laying out already?

  1. The Triple S Method. I love to abbreviate everything. You’re going to love me for this abbreviation that will help you remember the cleaning method that will change your life! The “Spray-Sit-Shine” Method is just what it says. You spray down the surface you’re cleaning, let it sit (while you work on another section of the room), come back and shine (wipe) the surface. That’s it! The surface gets clean faster because you’ve allowed the spray to do all the work for you. Look at that, no “elbow grease” needed.

  1. Superman Method. Yeah I know...me and my methods. But trust me, there’s a method (no pun intended) to my madness. When utilizing the Superman Method, you’re going to work up, up and away. That means cleaning the highest points in the room first (ie ceiling fans, vents, light fixtures, etc) and the top of a surface first (ie dressers, vanities, cabinets, range hoods/vents, etc). You’re going to save sweeping/vacuuming and mopping for last and start furthest away from the room’s entry point. The reasoning behind cleaning in this manner is to keep you from doing double work by having to go over areas you’ve already cleaned. Plus, heard of painting yourself into a corner? Well that’s because someone didn’t employ the “away” portion of my Superman Method. They’ll learn.

I hope you enjoyed these tips. You know I won’t ever leave you hanging...especially when it comes to something that will allow you to Be StressLess™ (shameless plug...LOL). Seriously though, utilize them and you’ll be done cleaning in no time!

I love feedback so be sure to comment below. What did you think of these tips? Oooh, someone let me know which song is a must on your cleaning playlist. If you used these tips, how long did it take you to clean? I want to know!

Dinika Hightower LMT, CSMC aka "The Concierge of Relaxation" is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Stress Management Coach. As an advocate for self care, Dinika helps her clients to incorporate innovative, yet simple techniques to increase productivity and overall well-being through relaxation and stress management. Her focus in the Savor V Community is on creating a StressLess Home.  On a personal level, Dinika loves music, being a tomboy turned Domestic Diva, a good laugh and bright colors. To learn more about Dinika, visit her online at www.BeStressLess.com or follow her on Instagram: @dinikahightower

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  • TIkisha

    These tips are everything! Growing up music and openend windows meant it was time to work! Now cleaning is so part of who I am it feels like I’m ALWAYS doing it…it’s actually a stress reliever for me. BUT that whole cleaning basket thing, I need to employ that STAT! The top to bottom cleaning method is also a huge time saver! Thanks for these amazing cleaning tips, they had me smelling the citrus! LOL OH AND A MUST ADD to your cleaning playlist are PIT BULL & FLO RIDA. I’ve heard their big hits before but never invested time into “really listening” I worked out recently to a playlist with them and let’s just say you will MOVE (and smile) at th same time! ?

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