What Is It About a Man's Beard?

There's something magnetic, distinguished, and spectacular about a man with a beard. My friends and I all swoon over a guy with facial hair. We are all familiar with the usual routine. It's Friday night and you meet the girls for cocktails. The conversation is flowing, drinks are coming, and you are all laughing inappropriately. Thank goodness it's Friday night. As fate should have it, in walks the son of Zeus. A handsome, collared shirt wearing, sleeves rolled, with just the right amount of Italian cologne. He's about 5'10" and walked straight to the bar alone. It's obvious that he just got off work. By this time your boisterous female crew has fallen silent. They are all mesmerized by the Bearded King. What is it about a beard anyway?

Well, we can all blame puberty. It meant something to a teenage boy growing up when he saw that first sign of facial hair. It meant that he was saying goodbye to childhood and walking into manhood. Ever since I was a little girl I've always tugged on my Dad's whiskers. If I was lucky, he would grab my 6 year old face and rub his grungy beard on my cheek while tickling me until I yelled, "cut it out!" All the while screaming with laughter. Recently British Psychologists' at Northumbria University studied how the world perceives men with beards. The findings were quite interesting. Some of these perceptions include higher social status, looking older, masculinity, and protection. It's no wonder the phrase, "Be safe. Date a man with a beard." Has broken the internet. 

Here at SaVor V we love organic products this is why I was excited to discover Iconic Beard. This is an American Made product from my home-state of California. Whether it's your husband, boyfriend, father, or senior in high school. Iconic Beard is an all natural beard care line that will protect and nourish the facial hair of the men we hold so dear. The products contain shea butter, argan oil, and hemp oil. Argan oil, affectionately known as, "liquid gold" has been proven to repair damaged hair follicles and stop hair shedding. 

Not only is this product amazing but if you are a Barber, Esthetician, or Salon owner they have great wholesale program. You can order this product wholesale to package with the services you already offer to your clients. For information on how to order Iconic Beard wholesale contact Info@IconicBeard.com

So whether the man in your life has a full beard, goatee, stubble, sideburns, chinstrap, mustache, soul patch, or mutton chops Iconic Beard can protect it all. Be sure to follow them on Instagram to get the latest on updates and giveaways @IconicBeard. Log onto IconicBeard.com to grab the products. Want more? CLICK HERE

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