Drop Those Bags


Picture From: Vice.com

Dear SaVor V Lovers,

I want to be a woman who is her best self. For the past several months I've been on this journey of self discovery. There's just this openness that I now have and I've completely embraced my femininity. Prayer and meditation has become much more of a priority. This morning I prayed a prayer of forgiveness and releasing. Resentment disconnects us from our Source of power. I've been operating at 80% instead of 100% but I released that this morning. Maybe my morning prayer and exercise can become OUR morning prayer and exercise. I prayed,


"Dear God I want to operate as the spiritual giant I know I am. Bring to my mind everyone who has hurt me and everyone I have hurt as well."
Immediately people and situations started popping into my mind. When they came, I talked to each one of them. I told them I was sorry for the part I played in their experience. Mentally I hugged them, released them, and asked God to pour out every blessing He has for them. That they would be happy. I even envisioned them laughing and smiling. During this time there was lots of crying and I just asked God to settle my emotions. When I got up from prayer internally I felt light as a feather. Then I opened my arms and said, "God cover me, and walk with me as I NOW operate at 100% In Jesus' name. Amen." I literally feel as though I am walking in power. Sometimes we have these blockages that we don't even realize. Some are conscious and some are unconscious. God will bring everything back to your memory that needs to be released so that you can operate with strength and power. Make your happiness a priority!

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