5 Kitchen Organization Tips You Should Use


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If you’re cooking, this means you are spending a lot of time in the kitchen.The more cooking we do the more likely we miss place things. We have all been guilty of asking ourselves the question, “now where did I put that?” An unorganized kitchen can become a headache. When we don’t know where things are we waste value time being productive in the kitchen. I know you don’t have time to lose. These easy storage tips will help you become the queen of the kitchen.


If things are all over the place then our kitchen is suffering from hurt feelings. It is important to make sure everything has its own space and category. This is why containers are your best friend in the kitchen.Containers can store your dry goods. Things such as cereal, oats, flour, sugar, cornmeal, you name it. If it’s dry it can be contained in a clear glass or plastic container with a convenient label on it displaying what ingredient is in it.


Lists are amazing things, when used of course. Never underestimate the power of a list in the kitchen. If we don’t know what’s inside the cabinet than we can easily run out of things which sends us back to the grocery store to retrieve what we need. A quick remedy for this is to tape a list inside of the cabinet. This will allow you to keep a quick inventory of what is in your cabinet so that you know when its time to replenish.


Just because you aren’t 9 feet tall doesn’t mean you can’t use the space up there. The space on top of your refrigerator and cabinets is perfect for items that you may not use everyday. If you aren’t a baker then you probably don’t use your oversized stand cooking mixer that often. Crock pots are awesome but they take up a lot of space so you can store larger items like these a little higher so that you have more space in your lower shelves.


Every Maddie loves a good pantry but we can all agree that we can lose control of the pantry very quickly. We can keep control of the pantry by using plastic bins. Those cute plastic bins come in every color, shape, and size for your convenience. All of your snacks can go in a nice sized bin that you label “snacks” the same goes for your canned soups and so on. The words on the bins will allow you to identify what is sin it fairly quickly. Another way to whip that pantry into shape is hanging storage. With hanging storage, you can hang shelving space over the door to place things in. This will help keep your pantry in tip top shape.


Our last but certainly not least way of keeping things effectively stored in your kitchen is keeping the things you use often within close reach. If you use olive oil, spatulas, and flour several times per week in the kitchen that they should be accessible by a quick extension of your arm. Keep those things close by so you don’t have to dig for what you need everyday.

These are the 5 storage tips that to use in your kitchen so that you are working at peak performance!

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