If You Are Going Through Hell....Keep Going!

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Last year was the most challenging time of my life. Everything that could go wrong, did. I had a very crazy roommate, she moved out. Financially I lived in the red for months. Once you get used to splitting bills and that suddenly doesn't happen. It completely changes your situation. At one point my gas was off and it was freezing in my apartment. I was given $400 from 3 friends to save my car from being re-possessed. I had not one but TWO surgeries and a breakup with someone I fell madly in love with. The depression was real. I refused to call my parents to ask for help because I was ashamed for being in that place as a 29 year old woman. It's nothing like pretending you are okay when you aren't. I said okay God I know you are real and I'm not losing this fight. I fasted with God on 100% juice/water for 21 days and told no one! That's when I discovered who I really was. Before my roommate moved out she taught me about sales and that was a blessing. The only food I had was ingredients to make cookies. I started selling them to anyone willing to buy. I drove around to local barber shops/salons and made $200 in a few hours. I went from not being able to put gas in my car last year to shipping desserts in 3 countries, featured in Jet Magazine a few days ago, a Modern Domestic writer for Everything Girls Love and The Single Wives Club, the military flew a flag for my desserts in Afghanistan. I am now writing this from the comfort of my cute apartment that I'm decorating. I woke up to three online orders, and there are invoices I need to send out to a few clients. People are literally bringing me there money for my products! I've made more money from January 1st until today than I did last quarter. It's insane! My paypal account is on swole from customers and I have 6 confirmed and paid vacations this year! The guy I'm dating is now my Best Friend. I tried to ignore his advances initially. I declared that since I made SO many mistakes in love I would slow things down. We haven't kissed yet. I would really like to (I'd honestly like to do a whole lot more than that, but in the past it didn't get me anywhere.) It feels wonderful to be building something that could be with someone who I call friend. I'm crying because last year I was in a lot of pain. But when your back is against the wall you come out swinging and I believe God! Happy Sunday!


  • Valerie Valentina

    There are no failers in christ never feel you can’t talk to me about anything I have alway been here for you and have never turned my back. Keep your eye’s on the prize keep up the good work best is yet to come. I’m living proof of that love Mom

  • Aforlyn

    This is so inspiring and I’m so touched.

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