Something To Sink Your Teeth Into

It's no secret that I love to eat, especially if the food is good. Food should be good right? Once again I was on the prowl in Atlanta, Georgia looking for something to sink my teeth into. A friend of mine and I planned to meet on New Year's Day. The goal was to organize how we were going to be successful in the new year. Many of the places that we normally frequent were closed. Open Table is one of my favorite apps. This app let's you know what restaurants are open, their hours, menus, and more. While scrolling for a table at 2:30 pm on the first day of the year. I stumbled across a restaurant named Negril Village. It was right downtown in Atlanta and I had never noticed it before. After perusing the menu I knew it was a place we needed to try. I quickly hit the reservation button.


When I arrived I parked in an adjoining lot next to the restaurant. I was greeted very warmly by the hostess and informed her that it was my first time there and that I was waiting for a friend to join me. She let me know that I had chosen a good day to because they had bottomless mimosas with the brunch menu. Well, I love all things bottomless so she filled up my glass. I quickly texted my friend to let her know to get a move on it because I had discovered happiness for the both of us!

While looking at the menu let's just say I wanted to try everything. They had saltwater fish, macaroni and cheese, shrimp and grits, jerked salmon, greens, and more. We asked the waitress many questions and she was extremely patient with the newcomers. We ordered smoked wings, rice with peas, cabbage, jerk salmon, and green beans. Do you know how it tasted?


Well let's just say we didn't ask for any to go bags. Everything was very delicious so we simply scraped the plate!

If you aren't just looking for food, and need to have an event this is a great location. They have an entire private event space that is furnished with a full bar. They can provide catering and drink packages for your guest as well. If you are interested in and event or just a nice dinner date then the ambiance will be just what you and your guests need. Check them out at 30 North Avenue Northeast Atlanta, Ga 30308. Be sure to tell them that SaVor V sent you! Want more information? CLICK HERE 

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