I Fell In Love This Weekend

Love is such a wonderful thing isn't it? I fell in love this weekend. The lighting was just right, a few candles were lit, the smell of decadent food was in the air. 1910 Public House has captured my heart. It's a charming restaurant nestled in historic Lilburn, Georgia. As you know every month I bring you new eyes to a restaurant that embodies everything we stand for here at SaVor V. We are not only about love for the home, but we love our bodies. 1910 Public House is a farm to table restaurant. They get their vegetables and herbs from a local farmer right down the street. That covers the vegetables, so what about the meat? Well I'm so glad you asked because I certainly did. The meat does not even get frozen. It is delivered fresh and cooked to order.

As I Googled my way to the restaurant I was ecstatic to discover Historic Lilburn for the first time. Although it was a chilly December night, that didn't stop families from gathering in this neighborhood. As I was parking I saw a few parents pointing out the town square Christmas tree to their children. 

When I walked in the glass doors of the restaurant I was greeted by Ms. Dana who was the most pleasant waitress I'd ever encountered. I let her know that I made my reservation on Open Table for 5:30pm and that I try new restaurants for all of you to share. As I walked in I observed the quaint decor of hardwood, the chandeliers, sofa back seats, and dim lighting that gave the restaurant a clean yet romantic feel. While seated I saw many couples, friends, and families. The waiters all interacted with their guests in a familiar way as though they were long lost cousins. Dana knew exactly what type of wine I needed to go with my meal and helped me make great menu choices.

For starters I had the fried green tomatoes. They were fresh, breaded, and fried to perfection. There wasn't a crumb left on my plate. As a main course I did the Fried Chicken. As you can see I was on a roll with this fried theme. However, it was farm to table and organic remember? So don't judge me. The chicken was sitting on top of a bed of mashed potatoes and green beans that didn't stand a chance against my fork and appetite. Just in case you thought that was it, it wasn't. I had the pleasure of speaking with Rich Walker. Mr Walker is the General Manager of 1910 Public House and as soon as you talk to him you instantly know where the impeccable leadership is coming from. After chatting for a few moments he brought me what they like to call, "the secret envelope." On the back the envelope reads, "Valid only through January & February 2015. Must be opened in front of your server or manager while on premise." You can open this envelope and find out that you get a free appetizer or that your dinner is free! You know I was excited about that. 1910 Public house speaks my language. I thought I was full and couldn't eat anything else but my inner glutton wouldn't let me. I had to see the dessert menu. I decided upon the cookies and cream cheesecake. Yes I ate the entire thing. There was no way that I couldn't inhale every bite. It was so delicious.


All in all I had a wonderful experience at 1910 Public House and you should definitely try it soon. You can find them at: 107 Main Street Lilburn, Georgia 30047 their number is 770-564-6911 learn more about them HERE be sure to tell them that SaVor V sent you!


  • Lakia

    Thanks for walking us through this ultimate dining experience SaVor V. I love a restaurant that has a warm and friendly staff and most importantly, great food.

  • K. DuBose

    This sounds like a pretty amazing restaurant. I love farm to table and will be going soon for a date night!

  • Joyrina Hunter

    sounds amazing. I am a foodie, so I would love to check out one day.

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