Are You Comfortable In Your Skin?

The wonderful world of skin. These meat suits we are running around in cause a lot of stirring. Our bodies are miracles. It houses our most precious organs, our hearts, spirit, and emotions. The images we see everyday cause us to question if our bodies are pretty enough, strong enough, or supple enough. We also share pretty strong opinions about others and their bodies which have nothing to do with us. Our world is indeed obsessed with outer appearances. 

Our body is our personal home to do what we want with it. It is our temple and we all have a right to handle our temple the way we see fit. Our ability to exercise free will makes this possible. Some people have tattoos and others can't stand them. Some have piercings and others don't believe in it. Some get a few nips and tucks while other find it blasphemous. Do what works for you. After all, isn't it your body? 

Growing up I used to have a problem with my legs. I was always the smallest girl in the class and the bigger girls would tease me about how skinny my legs were. Everything that resembled a stick figure was what I was called. This breeded much insecurity and I would wear pants a lot unless I was going to church on Sunday. After I got into college I was in anatomy class. The Professor asked if all of us liked every part of our body. No one raised their hand including the guys which shocked me! The class was comprised of at least 50 students ages 18-21. Then came a breakthrough for all of us. She had us write down what part of our bodies we didn't like, along with when we discovered that it wasn't good enough for us. I wrote down my legs and immediately discovered that for decades I allowed the seven year olds in my second grade class make me feel bad about them. Our Professor then made us apologize to our bodies for treating them less than the other parts of us. Some people don't even have legs so what was I complaining about. I then began to create little rituals. I would stand in the mirror and thank every part of my body for working the way in which it should. I would also take nice long baths filled with bubbles and lather up my legs. I fell in love with my temple.

My early twenties presented yet another challenge regarding my breasts. They were pretty huge in comparison to the rest of me as well as my peers. However, it was always my peers that teased me about them. I tried to wear oversized shirts so that it wouldn't attract any comments. After talking to my mother about it she gave me the reality check I needed. She made me google how much it cost to buy breasts. After seeing the amount of money that others spent daily to get what God gave me naturally, I got over it. I also ditched the oversized shirts. 

Our world can be tough on us. It is important to honor the miracle in which you call your body. Do what makes you happy. Do what makes your heart sing and be down with all the rest. If you don't want to wear a dress down to your ankles you don't have to. You have nothing to be embarrassed or uncomfortable about. If you are feeling discomfort then do what my Professor did for her 50 college students. Trace where those emotions are coming from and put those insecurities to sleep once and for all. You deserve to look at your body and love it. Create a new home that you call your body.

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