Veganism vs. Vegetarianism

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Vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians? What is all of this? Our world is comprised of numerous people with different likes and desires. This is especially true when it comes to what we eat. If we are hosting a luncheon or dinner party, we have to be considerate of the dietary needs of others. This brings us to discussing the differences between vegans and vegetarians.

Both vegans and vegetarians do not eat animal meats or flesh. However a vegetarian will still consume things that come from animals such as cow’s milk, eggs, and honey. There are many stages of vegetarianism, but overall they just do not eat meat.

On the other side of this we have vegans. Vegans do not consume anything created by an animal nor do they wear things like wool or leather. Oftentimes, vegans have chosen this diet due to different decisions. Some may have health concerns due to reports of meats being genetically altered. Others may have a hard time digesting meat. One may want to focus on weight loss and another may believe that it is cruel to consume animals. Everyone is different in their decision making when it comes to moving towards veganism or vegetarianism.

Vegans normally have a much stronger stance regarding their diet and hold to the belief that animals should be protected and not eaten or used for any reason. This can even include cosmetics and cleaning products. If it has been tested on animals, a true vegan is not going to use or buy these products.

Now, let’s do a quick overview of what a pescatarian is. A pescatarian is someone who only eats what comes out of the water. This means that they do not eat any land animals. Many pescatarians believe that this diet is healthier and that there are fewer chemicals in sea animals than there are in the breeding of land animals.

Do you feel like you know a little bit more about them now? We certainly hope so. The next time you have an event or invite a group of friends out to dinner, be sure to know their food preferences. You want to make sure that everyone is well fed and satisfied no matter what they choose to eat, or not eat.

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  • Lakia Brandenburg

    For someone who LOVES to eat meat, I actually have a better understanding of why people choose to be vegan, vegetarian and/or pescatarians. Thanks for educating me on the differences and giving me a new perspective on food preferences.

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