Tools Every Kitchen Needs

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The kitchen can be a wonderful place. It’s a space where you can get creative as you want creating meals for the family. However, if you don’t have the proper tools the kitchen can be a frustrating place. Have no fear the Modern Domestics are here to save the day. We are going to give you a few kitchen tools that you can use to make sure that your kitchen is up to speed for peak performance.


Every kitchen needs a whisk. If you are trying to scramble eggs then this is the tool for you. It is great for whipping and creaming ingredients together. Since it is a very popular kitchen tool you can find it almost anywhere.

Wine Opener

Have you ever been invited to someone’s house and told to bring the wine, only to discover when you arrive there that they don’t have a wine opener? Don’t be that person. Invest in a wine opener for your home.

A Good Knife

There is going to come a time when you need to slice something up in your kitchen. You need a really good chef knife for chopping vegetables, slicing, mincing, slicing and disjointing meats. Purchase a good chef knife for your kitchen. You can’t do it with a butter knife that just wont cut it, get it? Cut it!


There are a few things we can use a grater for. It is mostly used to grate cheeses. Have you ever followed a recipe and the recipe calls for “zest?” This means a grated part of the skin of a orange, lemon, or whatever type of zest the recipe calls for.

Can Opener

This really doesn’t need a huge explanation. How else are we going to open up a can?

Measuring Spoons and Cups

You don’t want to add in to much or to little. The way to be sure that you have the correct amount of liquids or solids is to measure them with measuring spoons or measuring cups.


Oftentimes we can lose track of time while cooking a big meal. We don’t want to burn what’s in the oven because we forgot about it. A timer will help you keep things in order. Just set the timer and wait for it to go. Ding!


Tongs are such a handy and nifty tool. Whether you are trying to grab salad out of a big salad bowl or a piece of meat from the frying pan it is a good kitchen tool to have around.

Wooden Spoons

These spoons are great for stirring but they are also awesome because they do not scratch the bottom of your pots.


Ready to flip? Well if you have spatulas handy you are ready to flip, turn, pick up, and move food around. Be sure that you have all of these options by having a few good spatulas.


Getting the skin off a cucumber or potato is going to be one serious challenge without a peeler. Save yourself some energy by using a peeler.

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