The Power of Being Nice

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. -Plato

Many times we encounter people or situations that turn our moods upside down. I'm sure we also know people who feel as though they can't be nice to others for fear that they will be taken advantage of. I believe that what we put out there comes back to us. Others call this karma or reaping what you sow. Knowing this I made it my life's mission to send as much love and joy as I can out into the world. However, let's be honest sometimes you don't feel like being nice to everyone if they are a mean person but it's not about them. It's about you, your spirit, and your growth. You will reap nothing but love, success, and happiness if that is all you are putting out there. 


Mary Brown is a wonderful woman in her early 70s who I have the pleasure of serving daily. I have never been so happy to work with and for such a wonderful woman. She built her business from the ground up after the loss of her husband. She had twin boys that were depending on her so she created a business called, Brown Richards and Associates. This company serves some of the biggest companies out there: Harvard, Center for Disease Control, Coke, just to name a few. I assist her with helping people maintain balance in their lives. Our society is so stressed and that's where we come to the rescue offering ways to handle the kids, finances, legal issues, and more. This is a company that Mary Brown has built with integrity for over 40+ years. Now her business is worth millions and she is selling it for that. She built a valuable company that the world could benefit from. 

I am always sitting right by her side every day of the week being a little sponge soaking up her knowledge. Why? Well she's awesome and I love her but I'm an entrepreneur as well who wants to build a successful business. We spend lots of time talking and this advice of her's stuck with me. She said, "stay away from mean and sarcastic people. If a person, family member, or friend has to be rude or sarcastic to you get them out of your space. It doesn't matter how great the opportunity is. I love being nice so I surround myself with nice people. I want you to do the same. Don't keep mean friends. Ignore negative phone calls and when you marry, marry a NICE man!" Immediately I started shaving and shifting things in my life. If the person was mean or sarcastic then I just gradually removed them from my space. Our essence is love. You were created to be loving. Don't let others change the essence of who you are.

Here are a few ways in which you can be nicer:

1. Notice when you have angry or upset feelings. When you notice it, trace what triggered it so that you can eliminate that feeling. 
2. Realize that you do not have to react to everything that comes to you. When someone is mean that is their internal battle, not yours. Remain fresh as a daisy and ignore it by not reacting.
3. Smile more. When I think pleasant thoughts or sing songs in my mind that make me happy I am all smiles. There's nothing cool about walking around with a frown or attitude on your face. Remain attractive by smiling. 
4. Say hello! It cost nothing to greet someone and yet we pass by people as if they do not exist. Make it a point to greet at least three people today. Begin to spread cheer.

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