SaVor V and Oprah


Happy Monday Everyone! I feel like we haven't spoken in awhile. My life has been filled with magical experiences that have kept me busy. If you look at the picture above it is a snap shot of my vision cork board. Some very close friends and I all made one together. We clipped photos out of magazines of what we wanted our dream to look like. It's no secret that I love Oprah, Martha Stewart, and Iyanla Vanzant. This weekend I had the opportunity to work for O Magazine at the Life You Want Tour. This is an 8 city tour that Oprah puts on annually helping people to become empowered to create lives full of destiny. If you look at my vision cork board you will see what I asked God for a few months ago. I put O Magazine and Oprah on there, speaking, magazine features, desserts, and more. Since then I have launched my speaking platform in which I am helping women from all over heal from the past to create better lives internally and externally. It is a Heart Cleansing Class in which they spend 21 days with me letting go and forgiving themselves as well as others. Two weeks ago I had a photo shoot in which I modeled for an international magazine which you will see very soon. Finally not only did I model for O Magazine this weekend but I filmed for them as well. If you know me then you know I don't have cable. I am always up to my ears in books or baking so there's not much TV watching taking place. However, if you see me on OWN Network in the next few weeks please let me know. This weekend was pretty amazing. I was able to see my dream unfold before my eyes and there is more coming soon. My motivation for you today is to be specific about what you want. When we ask we truly receive. Don't you know that you deserve great things? The reason some people get what they want and others do not, is because you don't ask God for it. Then when you do ask you don't believe that you deserve it. YOU DESERVE GREAT THINGS! If there is a dream inside of you that just won't seem to go away, then that's a sign that you should be living it. I had the time of my life this weekend. Working with the O Magazine staff and Gayle King who is not only Oprah's best friend but she's the Editor at Large for O Magazine. The owners of Lisette L which were the clothes that I modeled were amazing. However, I knew that everything I put on that vision board was going to happen. Write the vision and make it plain. Stop being one of those people who is saying, "congratulations" to everyone else that is doing great things. Become one of the people that does great things. There is always something that you can do to move you closer to your destiny. Do something TODAY!


Funny Story

So my feet were hurting from standing in platforms on the stage in the O Mag tent. I went to take a 30 minute break. I needed a quiet moment so I grabbed an apple and sat outside on a back street near Centennial Park where the event took place. As I'm sitting there a black Lincoln pulls up, rolls down the window and Oprah says, "Hey!" If you know me then you know it took a few seconds for me to register that. When I finally did I yelled, "Oprah don't move!" I grabbed my phone with my mouth filled with apple and started snapping pics of her lol. That's why you see this interesting photo on the left. All in all it was a wonderful experience and I am preparing for the next so stay tuned!

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