The Passion Test

For the past several months I have deep dived into personal development. I've always been focused on growing. This year I told myself every year of my life would be the best year of my life. I know that I'm growing up and I can prove it. Today is August 21, 2014 at 6:28pm in Atlanta, Georgia. At 4:50pm while singing a little Beyonce, she crooned through my radio speakers. I was "Flawless" and good. The sun was shining as I was waiting for the light to change from red to green. All of a sudden I hear "BOOM!" I was rammed in the back by a Jeep. My Chevrolet got a smooth butt kicking by that Jeep. I thought to myself, "wow, seriously, I was just trying to go to Barnes and Noble to get some work done, and sip a Frappacino."  I wasn't scared, just a little shook up. Keep in mind this all happened about an hour ago. I received my license at 16 years old in California. I've never been involved in an accident. Since I'm typing this, you know I wasn't hurt and neither was the other driver. My mood was really messed up. I was angry and terribly aggravated until I saw the young girl who hit me. A young, beautiful, sweet girl who just got her license. She was frantic and my heart went out to her. My mood went from anger to compassion. Don't you remember being a teenager? We were excited about talking on the phone, emailing, getting our licenses, and cute shoes? Then something happens that thrusts you into life. Like you ramming your car into the back of someone else in the used car your parents just bought you. I immediately went into protective mode and did everything possible to keep her calm. She wasn't injured, just remorseful and nervous about her parents being angry. I told her to call her parents and her insurance company. The most important thing was our safety. Life happens and you can't let it beat you down. I tried to look at the facts and the bright side: My car was hit in the back. This is why we have car insurance. The claim has been filed, it will get fixed, and maybe they will put me in a cute rental car while it gets fixed. 

Do you think that stopped my plans? Absolutely not. I still have a To-Do list to complete before bed. This involved getting some blogs done, newsletters, recipes, and more for this brand SaVor V. Now I'm sitting in Barnes and Noble with my Starbucks and laptop. Most people would have stayed angry and went home. However, I have a purpose. I'm passionate about my life. Minor inconveniences don't stop me from my plans, not even car accidents. 

I've been listening to this CD from Success Magazine. It has a few good interviews on it. One in particular talks about passion and how to take the "Passion Test." If you are trying to figure out what you are passionate about then let me summarize the steps for you. I am currently living my passions and if you are still searching then maybe this will help you get on the right track. 

Finish this sentence, "when my life is ideal I am..." What are you doing when your life is ideal? Are you painting, going on vacation, doing music, involved in fashion, acting, teaching, preaching? Imagine the world saying yes to you and your creativity. Imagine the Universe opening up to you and supporting your dreams. 

Science has proven that the mind can only contain 5-7 pieces of information at one time. Break out a piece of paper. Don't worry I'll a piece of paper yet? Don't worry I've got all day to wait on you. Okay, so now that you have a piece of paper right down 5 things that you love doing. I'll start. For me it is baking/cooking, talking/encouraging, reading, sharing my love with others, alone time/relaxation. These are the things I love to do so now make your list. Whether you know it or not, you can brainstorm ways to profit from ALL of the things you love doing. I'm profiting from baking by selling desserts. I will be teaching a dating workshop on Monday which satisfies my passion to talk and encourage others. I'm sharing my love daily with my family, friends, and boyfriend. Reading daily is a ritual of mine. I carve out alone and relaxation time for two hours daily. Now, after you've made your list brainstorm five ways in which you could profit from ALL of the things you like doing.  

Attention vs. Intention

Our society is so distracted. It only takes a text message alert on our phone to get us distracted for minutes to hours on end. Where are you placing your focus? Attention is to notice something that you regard as important. Let's be honest, everything doesn't require your attention. However, an INTENTION is to CHOOSE to create what's in your life. You are a powerful creator. Did you know that? You don't have to pay attention to everything that comes your way. Create great things in your life by setting intentions that make you successful. Still got that pen and paper? Let's keep going. You brainstormed ways you could profit from the things you love. What could you do TODAY to get you started? Is it buying a domain for a website, ordering supplies, finding a graphic designer to create your logo? Don't let that punk voice in your head tell you that you can't do it. If you keep listening to that punk voice you will be 60 years old with regrets because you never lived your dreams. Do it TODAY! 

Take it one day a time. I like to journal daily. It helps me sort out my thoughts. You don't have to do everything at once if that's not you. We aren't machines. However, you can always do something. Make little decisions daily. I journal and in my journal I write that I will make 3 solid decisions everyday. No matter what happens, before bed, I have made 3 decisions that will get me closer to my dreams. Making little decisions daily adds up, builds my confidence, and my trust in myself. People listen to false beliefs, false ideas, and false concepts. Don't be one of those people. Live on purpose and live with passion. Don't let anything stop you. Not even a car accident.

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