15 Minute Valentine's Looks

What's more Gorgeous than a Beautiful Spirit, Divine Energy and Pretty Roses...A Flawless Valentine's Beat Baby!!

We are all love embodied, and should celebrate as such this Valentines day. With or without a partner this is the time to treat ourselves to self love, self appreciation, and acts that make the soul feel good. Simply trying a new look, can bring out a different type of confidence that radiates through our soul and a room. So since we are pulling out that dress..the freakum dress, lets pull out a new, quick, sultry look for the occasion.
Try this simple 15 minute Look for Valentines day....
"Bedroom Eyes"
Tame your brows, prep face with foundation, concealer under your eyes, and use your translucent powder to "Bake" 
15 Minute Makeup Looks
 Let's commence the Slayyage
1. Transition color is the foundation for our look. Choose a color one to two shades darker then your skin color, a warm medium brown (Motives Element Palette "Native" ) will work perfectly. Using a windshield wiping motion apply the transition color right at and a little above your crease, this will give a beautiful halo look 
2. After achieving your desired shade as your transition, lets take a dark gray ( Motives Element palette "Aubergine") and apply that to your outer "v". Gently pat the color onto the outer corner of your lid and up towards the middle of the crease creating a sideways "V"
3. The most important step...Blend that Baby like you're baking cake...Its Valentines day..You know the cake (insert side eye)....Using a not so dense fluffy brush Blend, Blend, Blend...Say it loud  "No harsh Lines" "No harsh Lines" chant with me now...
4. Once we've created a dark shadowy outer V we can add our neutral shimmer to the lid..A lil Shimmer never hurt anybody right?? Using a champagne-esque color (Motives Element palette "Shell") on a lightly damp flat brush pat the color on the center of your lid, build until you look like a bedroom angel...literally ( you want to look down and BAM! Slay Kitten)
5. Now you can go back and use more of your medium brown to blend, and gray to enhance a little...
6. Now Bringing on the Bling...Using the same lightly damp flat brush apply a loose champagne pigment (Motives Paint Pot in Allure) right over the lid, avoid the gray...apply only in the center on top of the shimmer..Invoke the Slay Gawds!!!
7. Apply dark gray to waterline ( bottom Lashes) with a thin brush
8. Line Eyes with Gel Liner ( Motives Little Black Dress)
9. Add Mascara (Motives Fiber lush Mascara)
10. Finish the bake by lightly dusting off translucent powder with big dense fluffy brush, apply finishing powder for your skin tone
11. Circle on a pink blush (Motives in Peony)
Highlight with Rose Gold  ( Motives Shimmer Powder in Rose Diamond) on Nose, Chin, and right above cheekbones
Top with a matte Pink Lip......
Anointed by the Makeup Gawds!!
Ashley Nicole is an Atlanta native, the rare Georgia Peach. She attended Georgia Southern University and fell quite comfortably into a career of nurturing children in pre- k settings, creating educational and creative lesson plans, decorating classrooms to be enriching, and engaging but that still wasn't her full purpose. While at Georgia Southern she created fashion shows, managed models, worked the runway, and started to do makeup backstage. Upon leaving to embark on a career as the playful preschool teacher, Ashley grew tired of the limiting setting and began to do makeup for free on short films, photo shoots, and weddings. This is where the journey into entrepreneurship started, Always wanting time freedom, and a career of speaking life into everyone she meets through moments of cultivating Beauty. With a Natural Beautiful Spirit and a Quest for purpose ,Ashley left the classroom to nurture the drive to teach....to teach the world of the Beauty that dwells in us all. Now at 30 she runs a Beauty education business primarily online, is apart of a Beauty Expansion line with Motives Cosmetics ,launched online makeup courses, and is developing a separate business of customizable cosmetics. In her spare time she teaches empowerment workshops to teens,and tots, while building a network of women who do the same, to motivate, empower, and monetize their love for all things Beauty...Ashley is Her Beauty Tribe 
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