Stinking Thinking?

Hello Everyone! I just got back from helping teach a seminar on balancing work, life, and stress. It was a packed house as people came in looking for answers to make life easier. We talked about all sorts of things that stress people out: careers, kids, finances, family issues, and more. One thing I noticed was that people seemed overwhelmed with life. I heard a lot of comments from people thinking that they "just couldn't make it."
Life isn't easy. It has tosses, turns, and hiccups. This is what I know! With this in mind it is important to remain strong and steadfast. If you believe and have faith that you can make it then.YOU WILL! Today we shared ways to give stress a swift kick in theBUTT! We are going to be BIGGER than our problems instead of our problems being bigger than us.  Here's a few things you can do to alleviate stress AND change those negative thought patterns. Find a method that works for you and put it into practice daily. Persistence is key in order to maximize effectiveness.
1. Meditate or Pray: different things work for different people. I utilize both prayer and meditation. In the mornings I get up and meditate. Meditation is the process of emptying your mind off all thoughts. I admit it is challenging at first. Why? Because we have so much going on in our heads. However, once you practice slowing down those thoughts you will begin to feel at ease. After my mind is clear then I begin praying and making my petitions.
2. Smile: a smile is so powerful. Even when you don't feel your best, if someone gives you a genuine smile you feel better and start smiling too. 
3. Get Around Happy People: you are who you hang around. If you hang around negative and toxic people it won't be long before you become just like them. 
4. Take Charge: you are the creator of your life. You do not have to be a victim. Take control and be a warrior. 
5. Make A List: an attitude of gratitude helps me remain positive. Things may not be perfect but think of all the things you are grateful for and write it down on a list.
6. Identify The Problem: figure out where the stress is coming from. If it's a bad friendship or relationship then its time to let it go. If the kids are stressing you out then it might be time to sign them up for an activity or sport to channel their energy. Money? Start a budget and STICK TO IT! Sometimes we don't know where our money is because we don't know where it's going. Pay close attention. There's ALWAYS a way to make things easier.

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