You Are An Uncommon Breed

So SaVor V is all about love right? Try telling that to people who are completely uninterested in love. Depending on your experience with love, it could be so painful that you don't want to hear ANYTHING about it. I know...I understand completely. I've had my share of upsets from friends, family, and toxic romantic relationships.

I wrote a few letters to my past today. After I addressed all of the negative emotions I burned the letters. After the flames died down. I wrote NEW agreements in my journal telling myself great things for my future. I began by saying, "I am so happy and grateful now that my life is filled with peace, love, and laughter."  I wrote positive statements for every area of my life including business.

YOU are the creator of your own life. If you click on the image above of Will Smith, it will take you to an awesome video on DETERMINATION. In the video Les Brown, who does the voice over, says, "ATTACH YOURSELF TO WINNERS!" Do you really want to be a winner? Then you have to create a WINNING MINDSET! Surround yourself with people who want to WIN!

Here at SaVor V we just want to remind you to stay motivated. I stay motivated EVERY minute of EVERY day. When I step into the kitchen I leave all cares behind. I create AWESOME desserts filled with love for you to enjoy. It doesn't get more organic than that. Everything at SaVor V is "made from scratch, but produced with love." This is the beginning of a new week. Keep your eyes on the prize. There's NO such thing as failure unless you admit defeat. Be a Conqueror today!


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