In Honor of a King

Today our nation observes the legacy of a great man known as Martin Luther King, Jr. His magnetic passion brought people together. I could go on and on highlighting the things that he has done but I thought about what his legacy means to me personally. He was a man of vision. He believed that one day their would be unity and equality for all of us. Furthermore, he believed that unity could be attained peacefully without violence.

So what does this mean to me? I am a young African American woman in business that wants to leave my mark on the world. As I attempt to study, garner, and adopt the mindset of great leaders like MLK it changes my behavior. If I want to leave a legacy I must always be passionate. Passion is very contagious no matter what your cause is be it: music, education, culinary arts, or equality among men. Once others see how passionate you are it increases their faith in you as well as your cause. What also sticks out to me is that MLK was a lover of fairness, justice, and people. It was always about the people and never about himself. As a woman it reminds me to be selfless. To always make sure that I render useful service to everyone in my path. 
 SaVor V is about love. Martin Luther King, Jr. stood on the principle of love and peace. He believed that equality would not only be accomplished, but that it would be accomplished peacefully. Without violence. In love sometimes we have to be willing to suffer injustice, adapt to conditions, be patient, all while practicing positivity. But love begins with YOU and we can all love ourselves a little bit more. Its important to take care of your spirit. When we are loving ourselves its SO easy and natural for others to share in that love with us.

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