Get Organized Don't Be A Mess!

So I'm working on becoming more organized and I discovered that what helps me is when things look great! When I have a cute planner, pens, or to do list notepads, then I'm more prone to use it because its visually appealing. Well I was looking for a new planner for 2014 and stumbled upon a Christmas miracle by the name of Erin Condren. This company specializes in what they call, "personalized, stylized, and organized MUST HAVES"

I picked the mermaid planner because I thought it was a gorgeous and dreamy design. On it I could have my name on the front and a picture on the back. I added my business logo which was extremely cool. As I scrolled I discovered that you could have personalized stickers. You can log into your facebook or instagram account right on the Erin Condren website and make any of your favorite pictures stickers to use in your planner. 

Did you think that was it? Well I did until I kept scrolling to discover that there are inspirational quotes throughout this planner, 240 colorful stickers to highlight birthdays, special events, and reminders. I also added a few assorted colorful markers that will come packed in a nifty plastic attached to the back of my planner. 

Then there's that awesome refer a friend program that they have. I am referring all of you and you will get $10 off by using this link stay organized in style. Checkout 

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