The Checklist

You ever just have a great weekend? Well, of course you have! Mine was pretty outstanding as well. I was busy doing things for SaVor V and was ecstatic when a great friend of mine asked if I would join her on critiquing some food prepared by a Chef named Sara. Since I'm always the one cooking I could not wait to sit down and be served. My friend's name is Jade Johnson and she is an amazing entrepreneur. She is the owner of The Checklist which is a lifestyle management company that is growing by the minute in the metro Atlanta area. They make your life just a little bit easier with personal concierge services but now I am digressing, let's get back to this dinner. 


The dinner took place in the comfort of Jade's gorgeous high rise condo in downtown Atlanta. The doorman let us up and as soon as I hit the front door this magnificent aroma hit my senses. The view of the entire city was right outside the window and I just had to walk out on the balcony and take it all in. It was a gorgeous Sunday in Atlanta. Meanwhile, Jade and Chef Sarah was busy putting the finishing touches on everything for us. Of course I wouldn't dare arrive without dessert. I baked my famous Snickerdoodle Cookies and Pumpkin Cream Cheese Cupcakes of which Jade displayed on the dessert table.


The entire room was inspired by the Fall season. Everywhere your eye landed had wondrous hues of orange, auburn, chocolate, and forest green. Arranged on the table was a vintage centerpiece illuminated with candles. The guests began to arrive and we all chatted over champagne. Chef Sarah announced that the food was ready and we were led in grace and broke bread together. But seriously? No really are you serious?


At least that's what I asked Chef Sarah because the food was rather impeccable. There was baked rigatoni, cajun shrimp with mussels, french bread, sauteed vegetables, chicken marsala, and a few other things I'm still learning to pronounce. At any rate, the food was phenomenal. After a few more laughs and a few glasses of champagne later we had the desserts in which I made and as you know, those were wonderful!


As far as The Checklist is concerned, I am completely sold on their services. Jade had the ability to pay attention to details. From the decoration of the fall inspired tables, hiring a great Chef, ensuring that there was enough wine, stimulating conversation amongst like minds, and an all around great experience. Sometimes we can get so busy worrying about everything in our daily lives. We just don't have time to plan the dinners, buy that special someone a gift, or pick up the dry cleaning. This is exactly why you need The Checklist on your team. Jade's awesome staff is there to make sure that you get everything you need done. You don't have to do everything, give yourself a break and call The Checklist today. Let them handle it! I know I would. To reach The Checklist call 404-786-5648 or email

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