Netflix has become a one stop shop. From some of the best drama series around, to some of your favorite sitcoms that you just can’t get enough of. While those are what most people gravitate toward there are some equally great documentaries that are worth streaming. Below are several that I highly recommend.

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things 

Raise your hand if you have too much stuff! Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus created this documentary to show us how we all can live a purposeful and meaningful life with less. They have helped over 20 million people through their website, documentary, and podcasts, introducing them to what it means to be a minimalist. People from all walks of life are interviewed showing that a life with less equals more happiness and less stress.


What the Health 

By now I’m sure you’ve heard all of the buzz surrounding this groundbreaking documentary. What the Health explores the link between diet and health. It will open your eyes to some of the misleading information that the public has received leading to poor dietary choices. Government and big business are exposed for how they negatively influence our health.


The Keepers

Having gone to an all-girls Catholic high school I found this docuseries both fascinating and frightening. Sister Cathy Cesnik was a school teacher at an all-girls Catholic school in Baltimore. She mysteriously disappeared in 1969, her body was eventually found but the case was never solved. There are twists and turns and disturbing revelations from some of her former students as they continue to try to piece together this decades old cold case.


Hip-Hop Evolution

If you love Hip-Hop and enjoy learning about its background then this docuseries is for you. Some of the most influential rappers, DJs, and music moguls are interviewed to outline the evolution of this genre from the 1970s to the 1990s. Even the most die-hard hip-hop fans will be surprised by what they will learn from this documentary.


What’s your favorite documentary on Netflix? Share below!

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