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Some of us parents are counting the hours right down to the minute of when our children go back to school. Honestly, my boys are eating everything in sight! My children have been to every park imaginable to burn off energy and have even been on vacation. I never understood when my mother said, “I’ll be glad when you go back to school,” until I had children of my own. Don’t get me wrong, my sons are my light and are really good boys, but enough is enough!

At any rate, it’s school time and the stores have packed the aisle with all the supplies we need. To celebrate, here are 5 things you need to do before school starts to help your child be ready:


1. If you haven’t been giving your child mini lessons during the summer (which is advisable) start now with refreshing the year before and a little of what they may learn the upcoming school year. I have a first grader, so I bought a workbook for my oldest son and I to do during the summer.

2. Now is the time to do away with the summer sleeping hours and get them in the habit of going to bed earlier. If your child made a drastic change in sleeping for the summer, I would start with 15 to 30 minutes earlier a night. I would also add lavender oil or a sleep blend of essential oils to set a peaceful relaxing mood. Hey! School is stressful, remember?

3.Parents, we can not forget to have our pantry and refrigerators stocked with food to keep it less stressful on yourself when packing lunches and snacks. Go ahead and make yourself a list and stock up on goodies. My tip when packing my sons’ lunches is one thing they like, one thing I know they will eat, and one they need to try. I make it all balanced health wise.

4.Most children get new clothes for the school year, my children are no exception. My husband and I are different though. We don’t buy for labels, we buy for comfort and quality. Parents, please make sure your children are comfortable and dressed for school and play. They can still be cute and comfortable, this includes hair as well.

5.The last thing that I would suggest is a “pep talk” with your children. Discuss three goals they want to achieve for the year and post it where they can be reminded everyday. Also discuss your expectations for them for the year and write them down as well. Keep it clear and simple.

I hope these tips help you prepare your children for a wonderful school year. Which tip did you like most? Have tips of your own to share? Comment below! Blessings!

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