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So you want to have a baby. Or at least prepare your body in case you decide to carry a beautiful life for 9 months. It is super important to treat and heal your temple in order to prepare itself for the creation of a human being to grow and take over your body (trust me, it will; i.e. bladder control will be key for pregnancy).

Many women do not genuinely take into consideration the importance of “womb care” (the caring and treatment for a healthy reproductive system). There are vital steps of boosting one’s chances of fertility can affect how you conceive, how you carry during pregnancy as well as care for the body post-pregnancy.

Below are a few tips to boost your chances to conceive (from many other natural techniques known to the womb worker world):

Herbal Remedies

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There are many herbs that create a natural way to conceive. From raspberry leaf and maca root to slippery elm and motherwort, these herbs have been known to boost one’s chances to conceive in a healthy way. They create an extra “something something” for your temple to obtain an increase in your libido, increase one’s vaginal fluids, create better pH balance, and increase the energy you will need when it’s time for your “ovulation sessions” to be complete. These kinds of herbs are mainly taken orally by creating a tea to brew and sip daily.

Vaginal/Yoni Steams

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Now I know you’re going, “vaginal what now?”, but hear me out. Vaginal/yoni steams consists of one sitting on a open hole stool over steamed herbs brewed in boiled water all while have a blanket draped over their lap to prevent the steam from escaping. In other words, it’s like sitting on a toilet of herbal water. (Trust me, it sounds “strange” but it’s a great experience that I do every month before or after my menstrual cycle). This technique is an awesome way to cure one’s self of ovarian cysts, yeast infections, fibroids, infertility, imbalance of one’s pH and more. This “trend” has been new to some, but for us healers and womb care workers, this is nothing new to us. This technique dates back centuries in African and Caribbean countries. Nowadays, many women are signing up due to witnessing the benefits from just one session or hearing about the miracle of vaginal steaming from others’ experiences.

Food Choices and Hydrate

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You knew I would get to this point, but it’s true. If you want any chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy you must eat healthy foods. When you’re careful with what you put in your body, the post-baby weight will be way easier to lose versus eating nothing but junk before, during and after pregnancy. It is important to incorporate fresh (notice I did not say canned or frozen) fruits and vegetables, limit your intake on meat (especially eliminating red meat and pork; I know many of you steak and bacon lovers are upset with that advice but you want that beautiful, sweet baby right?). Having a healthy temple increases your chance of conceiving successfully and a much healthier pregnancy that won’t lead into gestational diabetes or other health issues while carrying your seed. Also, make sure you are getting your recommended water intake daily. Water not only helps hydrate the body, but it keeps your womb healthy and balanced as well as helps decrease your chances of nasty vaginal and bacterial infections that could possibly affect your chances of conceiving.

Exercise (for the body and your yoni)

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I had to go there and slip in the importance of exercise. Now, I’m not saying working out for an hour every day but having at least 20-30 minutes a day (whenever you can) of even low impact exercises helps with conceiving successfully. It assists your body to prepare itself for not only conceiving, but also when you have to eat an extra 300 calories and carry that extra weight due to the baby. It also prevents your body from being overwhelmed from the stress of the baby. I mean think about it. You will experience many bodily changes once you are pregnant: increased breast size, extra pressure on your bladder and hips, your internal organs being pushed and moved around as the baby grows, plus it could lead to back problems or pinched nerves. Your body will endure a lot while pregnant. So why not take care of it now so it can be strong enough for your pregnancy and not have to experience all those factors later? A great exercise to start with or incorporate into your lifestyle is yoga. Yoga helps create better flexibility (for those “baby making” sessions) and has been known to create relaxation and decrease stress so you can be calm and centered when trying to conceive.

Exercising your yoni is also important. Yes, your vagina/pum pum/kitty cat/whatever you want to call it is important for conceiving. How? By doing Kegel exercises every day. It takes some practice but doing this every day is key (even if driving in your car or sitting at your desk). All you are doing is contracting your vaginal walls (as if you are cutting the flow of your urine stream), and holding it as long as you can and then slowly release. I would start at least holding for 10-15 seconds and repeat. Many others end up holding it for up to over 1 minute. By doing this for 2-5 minutes for at least 2-3 times a day and increasing the amount of time weekly, you will notice results (and so will your partner *wink*). This is a very discreet yet effective way to strengthen your walls, increase proper blood flow and give you amazing climaxes when you “reach your peak.” Not only good for sexual benefits, Kegel exercises also help to create stronger bladder control for when you finally become pregnant and that sweet, precious baby inside is using your bladder as it’s kicking bag or pillow (you will control the risk of peeing on yourself, even if you sneeze. Trust me, this is real).


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Many who are trying to conceive take it way too seriously and stress out, which then decreases their chances of getting pregnant. You should take this as a fun and exciting experience and not a dull and stressful science project. Spend some quality time with your partner. Make it as romantic as possible. Enjoy each other’s company. Also, spend some “self loving” time with your own self. Embrace the goddess from within and make your own self feel sexy and victorious. Do not treat it as a competition. Get plenty of rest and sleep. The more you overthink the process, the more damage you do to your body, especially your womb. Your womb can carry a lot of stressful energies, creating a “block” that will prevent you from becoming pregnant. It is important to create a loving and relaxing space for you and your partner to just enjoy each other in peace and not be so overwhelmed with the process.

I would highly recommend to only use these fertility boosters as additions outside of you seeking professional medical assistance from your OB-GYN, Midwife, or Nurse Practioner. From a medical aspect, they can help with tracking your ovulation, provide physicals and blood tests and provide referrals for additional help. However, I’m sure with the above “baby making” techniques, having them as your additional backup tools will assist in your “Mission Baby” process in no time.

Happy Healing!

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