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Ah yes. That time of the month. No, I am not talking about paying rent. I’m talking about what seems to be taboo to discuss: PMS.

You’re cranky, bloated, emotional, stressed and just overall a B-word. Some are lucky to have a softer experience with PMS. You know, the “skipping through a meadow of beautiful flowers all while twirling in the sunshine smiling from ear to ear and being free” type of PMS. While the rest of us experience the “crying at that sad commercial of the abandoned puppies and starving children all while snapping at any and everyone who tries to cross us by eating our food or even touching us” type of PMS. Yea, it can get that bad. However, with a few changes and healthy practices to incorporate into your lifestyle, I can help you find a way to decrease and manage your PMS symptoms.


There are tons of research that will support the benefits of meditation and yoga being incorporated into your active lifestyle. It helps elevate moods and removes toxins from your body that can be the cause of intense PMS symptoms. Believe it or not, it is recommended to meditate only when it is that time of the month and practice yoga when your cycle is not active (as it is required to allow your body to rest during your “moon cycle”). However, if you are active in the world of fitness (or in the gym), it is known that exercise helps with PMS as well. Keeping your body in shape helps it to battle with bad moods, fatigue and bloating. So sweat on!

The Less Meat, The Better

Yes, I know. Here comes the eye rolls but hear me out! Eating less meat WILL decrease the intensity of having those dramatic PMS symptoms (in fact, it will eliminate it). If you are a big fan of red meat, I hate to break the news to you but red meat is NOT meant to be consumed daily (or at all) as it intensifies a woman’s menstrual cycle (i.e. heavier flow, intense cramps, bloat, etc). If you wean yourself off of a meat based diet and stick to a more plant based diet, you will be guaranteed a happier time of the month. TRUST ME.

Alcohol Intake

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Those glasses of wine or multiple shots of liquor and/or mixed drinks you consume on the weekends, guess what: cut it out! Having a glass here or there is fine. However, limiting your consumption of alcohol can help create less bloat, better control of your mood swings and a lighter flow.


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Speaking of drinking, water is your best friend! For those who hate drinking water, I hate to break it to you but your body needs it! So quit complaining and drink up. Keeping your body hydrated is KEY to having a happier flow and better management of your PMS. Think about it. If your body is dehydrated, why wouldn’t it act out to get your attention?


You read correctly. Sex (practiced healthy and safely of course) releases those happy chemicals your brain can produce (aka dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphin) to make you feel head over heals in love with life. Sex provides that blissful feeling and is known to be a stress reliever when experienced on a regular basis (so does “self love” if you get my drift and are not getting any goodies on the regular). Please note: I will say that those who are practicing abstinence and celibacy, please refer to the last four suggestions in your time of self control while you wait for your future union (you are an awesome goddess for this kind of journey, never forget that).

I hope these suggestions will help assist in decreasing those awful PMS symptoms and get you close to being your true self, no matter what time of the month it may be. For some, it may work right away. While for others, it may take time to notice change (especially if you are on birth control and/or other medications). Whatever your choice, please make sure to pay attention to the messages your temple is sending to you and never ignore them.  You only have one body so make sure you take special care of it.

Happy Healing!

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