Would you believe it if I told you that there are some foods we are addicted to? I have been overcoming the worst dairy addiction ever. If you’ve been craving cheese, butter, or ice cream then you are not alone. I’m going to tell you the 2 most addictive foods on the planet.

Two Addictive Foods

Wheat – Here’s a little research study, “They found that the wheat protein gluten contains polypeptides, or protein fragments, that are able to bind to morphine receptors in the brain. These are the same receptors that the polypeptides in opiate drugs bind to. Dr. Zioudrou called these polypeptides that fit into morphine receptor sites exorphins.” The thing about exorphins is that they activate the feeling of pleasure in the body. Pleasure keeps us coming back for more. This might be why you crave bread and cereal in the mornings.
Dairy – In dairy you will find exomorphins as well but more specifically casomorphins. They bind to the morphine receptors in our brain. A quick google search of published data will let you know that casomorphins are not just addictive they are deadly and have been linked to: Type I Diabetes, Heart Disease, Autism, and Schizophrenia.


It is challenging to transition especially when you’ve been doing something for so long. A few ways to make this easier on yourself is to eat fermented foods and things containing probiotics. This will help restructure your digestive tract until your body gets used to its new way of life.

Your body needs fuel. Eat more leafy greens, nutrition rich foods like quinoa, and antioxidant berries. This not only helps heal the gut, but it cleanses the body. This will revitalize your cells.

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