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Bonding is one of the first things that doctors tell the mothers to do when her child enters the world. It’s safe to say that bonding is one of the most important things we need. Even as you grow old and mature, you need to have family bonding time. Here are 10 ways that I encourage you to bond with your family. I challenge you to pick a few of these tips and make them work for your house to grow your family bond.

1. Family Vacations are fun and exciting for everyone. The anticipation that vacation brings can be very exciting as the countdown to your destination approaches. Families learn and see new things together. Vacations can create memories that are worth far more than any gift.

2. Dinner with no tv or electronics. It is important to put away all distractions and focus 100% on each other. Plan to have dinner with your family at least once a week. Make the one night your family chooses special and throw in a question and answer game.

3. Family Game Night. Family game night provides a fun connection for the entire family. Plan nights that everyone can participate and gather for fun. Make sure the game is age appropriate for everyone in your house.

4. Volunteering and finding ways to give back creates a sense of gratefulness for everyone. The connections that families can make while volunteering is great way for the family to interact and be social.

5. Cook together. This bonding experience gives everyone a role and allows everyone to practice teamwork.

6. Chores are also a great way for the family to bond and get things done at the same time. This is a great way to teach your children how to remain clean and tidy.

7. Movie night. On the weekends we like to have a night that we pop popcorn and watch movie after movie. This allows us to cuddle and enjoy each other while being entertained.

8. Have a water fight! Spend time going to the store to purchase water balloons and guns. Come home and have a great time getting soaked.

9. Plan a family picnic at the park or at home in the floor. Create a menu and allow everyone to come up with an item for it.
10. Create a you-tube channel to show your family bonding and interacting. This creates a way to review memories of each other years later.

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